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My name is lewis “Sonny” Blevins… To say that I’m ” Toledo Proud ” would be an understatement..
For ten years I headed an organization here in Toledo raising money for several charities.. Together we made ” wishes ” come true,  flew vets to D.C. , clothing drives, food drives on and on.. 10s of thousands of dollars made me even more Toledo proud.. I closed that chapter of  my life 5 years ago..Never thinking id consider spearheading another campaign… For the first time in my life,  I’m asking for something personal to me..Something that has remotivated me to try perhaps one last time,  to save someones day..

On Friday January 6th 2017 I received a random ” call ” while I was out driving UBER..

It was 23 year old Nahyoumie Muhindi , from a village outside Eldoret Town Kenya..

Only in our country and town for 5 days at that point… Never in America before , raised so simple.. A few Cattle, still cooking on gathered wood.. .. With little more than a few bags, dreams, and a sponsor back home… Going to UT for nursing.. A freshman, full of wonder and an amazing grace that shows within 10 minutes of knowing her… Driving occasionally for UBER, lends itself to unusual situations , stories , and yes people [ lol ] from time to time.. Many times I’ve picked up people from other countries and ended the fare early.. Enjoying the day together with new friends..
Taking them site seeing and eating of course ..
This was the case with Nahyoumie
” Naomi “.. So full of life and wonder I asked her if she would like a quick tour of our city.. Taking her to the mudhens stadium for A much needed Hoodie on me.. Of course PACKOS amongst other stops on a whirlwind tour of our fair city.. Dropping her off at UT, and thru our conversations throughout the day I realized just how under prepared she was.. I offered to buy her boots ..

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Jumuiya Women Get Funding from Global Giving

Jumuiya Women Group (JWG), is dedicated to enriching the lives of poor girls by creating opportunities for success in life, through our Girl Child Program that is dedicated to educating, empowering and employing girls living in extreme poverty in Eldoret town, Kenya, with the aim of helping them to realize their potential and become agents of social change. JWG’s community investments are made across two impact areas: mentoring girls and providing post secondary school education

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Adolescence is a critical time in life for all, but for girls it will chart the course for the rest of her life. Most of them hail from families hit by poverty who lack basic necessities to support themselves. With limited resources, a family would rather invest in boys education which leaves girls more disadvantaged. This has left communities with no female role models for girls to imitate. In the process, some become pregnant early, drop out of school, while others are married off to older h

How will this project solve this problem?

JWG has created an education program that provides post secondary education as well as teaching young girls leadership qualities and marketable skills – setting them off on the right path to become active leaders for social change in their communities

Potential Long Term Impact

Investing in the education, health and empowerment of a girl today means that she will have the tools to make smart choices that will better the lives of her children in the future. This program will get 100 girls from adolescence to adulthood safely.

Project Message

JWG pulled me out of the streets of Eldoret, where I was languishing in problems. I was rescued and now I am attending a local college. I am truly grateful to JWG for this gesture
– Ruth Matanda, Beneficiary

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: $0
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $50,000
Total Funding Goal: $50,000


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    Jumuiya Women Group
    Vilma Plaza
    Banda Ptai Rd
    P.O. Box 6107 - 30100