The Girl Child Program

spotJWG has established the GIRL CHILD PROGRAM whose aim is to provide a permanent approach to addressing the many challenges faced by the girl child in our region. It has grown out of the recognition that the girl child is in many cases very vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances like the sudden death of their parents, lack of employment and also living in slum areas. The sad story is that girls are often being turned into sexual slaves by the men in the estates, while others run the risk of engaging in illicit sex if not well taken care of. Indeed our concern is based on the notion that they will not be able to exploit their full potential as a person due to all kinds of cultural practices and believes that still prevail in many parts of Kenya. Still many others are still being forced to undergo the FGM.

Taking into account that this is an issue requiring long term concerted efforts, JWG has established an endowment fund aimed at growing in perpetuity, funds to direct towards holistic girl child initiative, while also having an on-going grant making component which make funds available to initiatives that are focusing on curtailing this problem. The fund will support projects that facilitate girls to exploit their full potential throughout western Kenya. These include projects that:

  • Support the girl child to get education through provision of scholarships
  • Support mentorship and counselling support to girls, particularly those in difficult circumstances or come from the remote parts of Kenya
  • Brings out the best in girls, beyond academic excellence
  • Address retention of girls in schools such as improvement of hygiene and sanitary conditions
  • Sensitize communities about the perils of gender based discrimination
  • Construction of a secondary for girls to take in girls who have no homes to go to


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