North Rift Food Security Program

foodJWG runs the North Rift Food Security Network, Kenya- which seeks to encourage communities, especially women to grow more drought resistant crops that were depended on in times of hardship in the old days. These include cassava, millet, sorghum and potatoes. Further, the network seeks to support communities in various parts of North Rift Kenya to grow food innovatively despite the vagaries of weather. In the past decade, unpredictable weather patterns have caused the rains to fail and when they came, they were too inadequate to support the growth of crops to feed Kenyans. The network is driven by three core values:-

  • That everyone has something to give  regardless of the amount or significance
  • That every human being has a right to food – regardless of their station in life
  • That together, we can achieve food security

Our network seeks to become a vibrant space in the region for innovation, expertise, experience and exchange on food security prevention and adaptation programs.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Promoting cultivation of healthy crops, by using the right varieties of seeds and appropriate cropping practices to produce healthier plants.
  • Observe crops regularly to ensure informed decision-making for appropriate interventions on problems relating to water, soil, fertilization, pests and weeds.
  • Make farmers experts in their own fields so that they can manage their fields with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Expertise implies a basic understanding of the agro-ecological system and decision-making process.

To this end, we shall be so glad to become your partners in Kenya.


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    Jumuiya Women Group
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    P.O. Box 6107 - 30100