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Jumuiya Women Group (JWG) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in 2001 with an active program on women’s empowerment and advocacy. It aims to achieve its goals through women empowerment, networking, civic education, training, research, advocacy, lobbying and information collection, packaging and exchange. The group derives its strength from the diversity of expertise and experience of its membership and allies. It strives to articulate plurality, human rights, health, security, dignity, freedom, environmental protection, economic justice and peace for all people and open up democratic space for women’s organizations in Uasin- Gishu county and North Rift region of KENYA.

A society in which women and their children are able to realize their full social, economic, and civic potential

To advocate and support the daily needs and rights of marginalized rural poor women to enable them initiate and manage their own socio-economic and development processes.

Self determination: We believe that women who are empowered understand their value to community and society and are able to demand their right to own property, access quality healthcare, live in a violence free environment and contribute their perspectives to the peace table.

Women empowerment: We believe that providing economic resources to women often increases the likelihood of the next generation being healthy and educated (Programs like micro lending and the Community Integrated Farming Initiatives provide the resources women need to access formal markets and thrive in the process). By providing resources to women, we are helping women transition into a macroeconomic level and achieve ownership of their own labour, inputs and profits.

Partnership: We believe that working in partnership with development partners is central to effective economic, social and organisational development.

Presently JWG has a membership of 20 rural women groups who came together with the determination to develop and empower women and girls by working towards development and the transformation of the unequal gender relations in society. Our objectives include:

1. Promote and ensure women’s access to power and decision making positions in our local area.
2. Improve the economic conditions of women, girls and other marginalized groups by lobbying for financial services to be extended to them
3. Advocate for equal opportunities and rights for women in all sectors and increase women’s access to, and control of resources and benefits.
4. Advocate for the elimination of defilement, rape and other forms of abuse and violence against women and children.
5. Collect and disseminate information on priority and other issues of concern to women.


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    Jumuiya Women Group
    Vilma Plaza
    Banda Ptai Rd
    P.O. Box 6107 - 30100